I recommend this to everyone, a mind-blowing and very cosy, comfy place for massage, the therapist makes sure that you walk out with a relaxed mind, body and utmost satisfaction. Everything is very customer friendly. Location is also in the centre of the town.


A must-visit for all kinds of spa and total calmness of the soul. All the amenities, specialist therapists, and the whole vibe of the place energizes your body and soul and gives you, out of a world feeling. I just can’t wait to visit here again. I have been to so many spas in life but everything here is so perfect and so different.

Raj Agarwal

A fantastic place for relaxation, with professional therapists. All the staffs are very cooperative. The whole vibe of the place is very soothing. Overall experience was very good, walked out of the place with a relaxed body and mind. Must visit, one of the best places for spa in Abu Dhabi.


Discovered this amazing place for Massage in the town a few days back. World-class amenities and specialist therapists made my whole experience so fabulous and comforting from getting an appointment to the whole spa process that I can’t stop myself from visiting Belle Care Spa again. I highly recommend this place.

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